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For more than 18 years, the Angel Tree Program has been providing gifts to children all over the world, and though organizers wish that there were no children in need this season, each year hundreds of children are placed on the list to receive a Christmas gift. Each year we ask the community to brave the seasonal crowds to purchase a gift, or even a few, for underprivileged children. Open your hearts to those in need and bring joy to a child’s life on Christmas day. With the tree up and decorated with the tags, we here at the Salvation Army hope that the people will soon be coming in to bring a smile to a young person’s face this holiday season. The ages range from newborn to 18 years, we ask that gifts be new, unwrapped and unopened. Girt cards are an acceptable gift and make for a good choice for the older teens who are sometimes harder to shop for, but we ask that participants do not drop off food items. Although children enjoy candy and treats we have to consider that we do not know if the children are diabetic and or on a medical diet and we want to make sure are kids are safe. It is best to stick with books, gift cards and toys. Keep in mind when it comes to clothing items you may want to leave the tags and receipts that way if it needs to be exchange it will make it easier for the parents to do so. We also accept and appreciate donations of tape, bows, gifts wrap and gift bags. Also if you take a tag and realize that you cannot purchase a gift please return it to the location that you received it from that way we give some else the opportunity to select the child and provide a wonderful gift. We understand that everyone goes through hardships and we encourage everyone to help in any way possible. Despite the large community involvement and generosity in previous years we have dozens of tags left on the Christmas tree and it’s just heart breaking. So we ask you the community to come forth and support those in need. Gifts can be dropped off at any time, and if anyone wants to give a gift but does not have the time to claim a tag, they can drop it off at the Salvation Army and or tree of their choice and a child that remains will receive the gift.